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Scuba Diver

Safety Divers & Lifeguards

Many TV, Movie, Special Event and Commercial sites at some time involve persons working in or near the water. A drowning can occur in moments and the only hope for recovery and survival of a victim is when a qualified and experienced Rescue SCUBA Diver is present and ready to enter the water. Our Rescue Divers will be on the scene, standing by fully equipped and outfitted. They will deploy in moments if needed or acting as a safety diver already in the water standing by on the surface or underwater. 

Experienced Divers

Scuba diver

There is no room for inexperienced divers when there is a possibility that they will be required to act at a moment's notice and successfully perform an actual rescue. We employ some of the most experienced SCUBA Rescue Divers in the industry.        


Hiring just anyone with a wet suit and SCUBA tank isn't enough. They must be properly trained and experienced in SCUBA Rescue and Emergency Medical Treatment. There must be a formal written rescue and medical plan in place to be successful in this highly specialized rescue area. If there is not a definitive plan to assure that an area has been searched and nothing found, you can't guarantee a successful rescue dive.

Nationally Certified

All of our divers are Nationally Certified Public Safety Rescue Divers who are highly trained and experienced in Rapid Deployment SCUBA Search and Rescue Techniques. They are Emergency Medical Technicians and in most cases are training instructors themselves in various segments of SCUBA and Water Rescue. Each member is also an active member of a Fire or Police Department Dive Team and have been involved in actual Water Rescue's during their career Specialty Rescue Divers are assigned when your site requires other types of  Water Rescue skills. We can provide underwater SCUBA Safety Divers, Swift Water Rescuers, Ice & Cold Water SCUBA Rescuers, Black or Low Visibility Water SCUBA Divers and other technically trained persons for your event.  

Rescue diver

If your event or site requires a Rescue or Standby Diver don't settle for an inexperienced recreational SCUBA diver who claims to have certifications in "rescue diving". There is a distinct difference between a Public Safety Rapid Deployment Search and Rescue Diver who has been professionally trained and has real-life experience and a "certified rescue diver" trained for a few hours by a recreational dive company.

Lifeguards/Surface Water Rescue

When your event requires employees or participants to be in or near the water many serious incidents can occur almost instantaneously. Near drownings and exposure injuries are life-threatening and need to be recognized immediately. Improper or inadequate treatment to these victims can lead to serious injury and even death, even though they were "rescued". 

Certified Lifeguards


We can provide Certified Lifeguards. Each of our Water Rescue personnel will have with them appropriate rescue equipment for your site. They are medically trained and are among the most experienced rescuers in the country. These individuals are strong swimmers with excellent skills and are assigned to a job when their specific abilities are needed or requested. 

Integrated Services

We highly recommend that if you have a need for Surface Water Rescue personnel you seriously consider inquiring about SCUBA Rescue or Safety Divers as well. Once a victim submerges their only hope for survival is to be rescued quickly by a SCUBA Diver knowledgeable and experienced in underwater search and rescue techniques. One on-site Rescue Diver can make the difference between life and death.

Water rescue

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