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Medics On The Ball can assign experienced EMT’s, Paramedic’s, Nurse or Doctors to provide on-site emergency or routine medical care anywhere in the country and even internationally. Our service will help you to provide immediate professional medical care to your guests and employees. We will work with you to establish an acceptable Medical Plan that will seamlessly integrate with all of your Security and other Hospitality Services and help to support their operation. Our specialty is providing on-site medical care either locally or at remote areas of the world and we do so under the direction of our Medical Director providing First Aid, Basic Life Support or Advanced Life Support services. Anyone entering your premises or site expect that they will receive proper and immediate medical care in the event they are injured or ill.  We are there to support your business and to provide a better experience for anyone needing basic first aid or immediate more advanced medical care.

Corporate Location Medics

Our clientele are among some of the largest corporations and business’s in the world. We can provide immediate professional on-site medical care to anyone in your building or on your premises. You can offer your customers and employee’s this added service which will provide them with constant medical care while at work or at your facility without the delay of waiting for local medical services to arrive. Immediate intervention with a Defibrillator and proper CPR will substantially increase the chances of surviving a lethal heart attack and immediate medical care to those who are afflicted by Stroke or other serious injuries will help to improve their prognosis. So whether you operate an Office Building, Shopping Mall, Training Facility or other large property where people are always on-site we can help you provide a life-saving service at a very affordable price.

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Leisure & Resorts Medics


If you operate a Hotel, Resort, Cruise Line, Club, Theme or Adventure Park or other publicly accessible facilities you know that people are always getting hurt and falling ill – no matter how hard you try to prevent it. Local medical services may be delayed or simply too far away to get to you in sufficient time to help make a difference. On-site security is usually only First Aid trained and likely does not have sufficient experience to deal with serious illnesses or injuries. Our on-site medical team can help you minimize the liability of not having sufficient medical providers on-site and fill the gap avoiding any delays in medical care to your customers.       

If you have more advanced medical personnel at your facility or onboard, we can coordinate with your team to quickly provide First Response to any emergencies and to treat all minor injuries and illnesses. This can be a valuable tool to help you reduce the time your Advanced Life Support Medical Team treats minor injuries or illnesses and allows them more time to attend to the more serious incidents. When having a special event on board or at your facility – we can build a team that will be socially acceptable and properly trained to handle the expected injuries or illnesses that would typically occur.

Your guests deserve the best medical care available and we can help to provide it !

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Our pricing is competitive and 

we will never compromise safety or experience!

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