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Construction Site

Construction Site Medics

If you are concerned about keeping your insurance rates low and workers down time to a minimum then you need to have a Construction Site Medic who is experienced with the type and severity of injuries that can occur at your site. He/She needs to be comfortable and safe working at heights and in confined spaces as well as working around heavy equipment. If required we can provide medics with technical experience in high angle rescue, confined space rescue and hazardous materials. We can even arrange for CPR & AED training to be conducted at your site around your schedule.  

OSHA 10/30 Certified


Our medics are at least OSHA 10/30 certified and will have the appropriate hard hat, ANSI high visibility vests, work shoes, eye, and hand protection. 


Each medic will work closely with your site manager to assure that every area will be surveyed throughout the day and that all workers are aware of our medics presence should an accident occur.

Quality Assurance

If required we will establish an on-site Medical Care Facility which will be fully equipped to handle any incident no matter how minor or critical. Appropriate documentation, insurance reporting, and OSHA logs will be kept as necessary and required. 


To maintain Quality Assurance we will conduct unannounced inspections of our medics to be certain that there are no compromises of any requirements or regulations. Our medical director will routinely review all medical reports and patient documentation.

Image by Carlos Muza

Any medic on-site will have experience in treating serious trauma, burns, cardiac and other life-threatening injuries as well as recognizing and treating illnesses that can occur unexpectedly. Realizing that any on-site injuries can affect your insurance rates and downtime we are focused on keeping your job moving, your workers safe and treating any injuries appropriately without creating big issues out of small events.

We will work with your Safety Managers, Insurance Company, and other representatives to facilitate back to work programs and a reduction of reportable incidents. 


Our pricing is competitive and 

we will never compromise safety or experience!

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