Entravision Communications

I want to thank all the EMT’s and the service they provided. They were very helpful. It was a great event and no major incidents..They responded quickly and efficiently. Thank you so much again.
Mayra Mariscal
Marketing /Promotions Assistant
Super Estrella 107.1, Jose 97.5, El Gato 103.1

Football Team Mom

At our game today, one of our players was very slow to get up after a play. He complained of dizziness and a head ache, and he developed a sudden and significant sensitivity to light. As scary as this was, we were extremely fortunate to have such a thing happen while playing an away game in Oxnard. This is because the PYFL Oxnard Chapter has contracted emergency medical services for all of their home games from a company called Medics on the Ball. There was a licensed EMT on site at our game who was able to assess our boy, offer assistance, and provide appropriate medical recommendations to us and to the boy’s parents. I cannot begin to explain to you what a comfort it was to have him there, and how grateful we were to the Oxnard Chapter President for arranging such a service.

Co-Team Mom, Team Pee Wee


While working a motorized bicycle race in Apple Valley our medic witnessed a crash and responded with calm professionalism. Fortunately there were no serious injuries. You can watch the video here.

Great shot from the air of the professional setup that we provide out at your event.

Watch our medics in action at the Pirate Speedway

Poway Youth Lacrosse

“Our guy at Valley Elementary was great: He took care of all the medical issues and also helped run the penalty clock when volunteerism was otherwise absent and the opportunity to assist, when not needed for medical issues, presented itself. This was a long event and his help in this capacity was very much appreciated. I feel the parents were appreciative that their injured kids were treated appropriately and were grateful for this service. it was a big part of running a smooth event so that small problems were addressed and big problems never occurred.”
Chris Greaves
Poway Youth Lacrosse