Medics On The Ball is Riding High with New Team of Bike Medics

Medics On The Ball is Riding High with New Team of Bike Medics

Medics On The Ball will train all staff EMTs to work as highly desirable bike medics in order to lower costs, reduce response time, and – ultimately – save lives!


Los Angeles, Calif. (February 27, 2014)Medics On The Ball, Southern California’s premier event medical standby company, is excited to announce the addition of International Police Mountain Bike Association (IPMBA) certified bike medics to their already extensive array of services.

The IPMBA certification means that Medics on the Ball’s medics has gone through a rigorous training program for public safety cyclists, putting the company at the forefront of public safety.

The decision to train staff members as bike medics stemmed from a need for early treatment and transport at events like marathons, trail runs and festivals where large crowds and a lack of drivable roads can delay response times in emergency situations.

“Training our EMTs as bike medics just makes sense,” said Steve Hamburg, President of Medics On The Ball. “The benefit is that our teams can now carry EMS equipment while simultaneously moving through large crowds and tight areas. Instead of responding to emergencies like these on foot, we can now get there even faster by bike.”

EMS bike teams, which are primarily used for special events, have successfully served areas across the country. The Los Angeles Fire Department found that the average response time of their bike team was between 1 and 2 minutes in the terminal areas of LAX when there is extreme traffic congestion – that’s a big difference from the 15-minute average response time of a rescue ambulance at LAX during heavy traffic periods.

“A faster response time means a better chance at saving a life,” said Hamburg. “That’s why we’re adding this vital service.”

As a leader in affordable first-aid services, Medics On The Ball is a full-service team of highly-trained medical professionals who provide thorough medical care at events across Southern California. Medics On The Ball provides qualified medical staffing for concerts, celebrity and charity events, red-carpet galas, sporting competitions, street fairs, festivals and more!

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While working a motorized bicycle race in Apple Valley our medic witnessed a crash and responded with calm professionalism. Fortunately there were no serious injuries. You can watch the video here.

Great shot from the air of the professional setup that we provide out at your event.

Watch our medics in action at the Pirate Speedway


Below is our list of Frequently Asked Questions. Please click each question to reveal the answer or click here to expand all of them.

Q. Why should I choose Medics on the Ball over so many other standby medical event companies?
  • Professionalism – Medics on the Ball shows up in easily recognizable uniforms with a professional appearance and attitude. Our service is second to none.
  • Dedication – Unlike others, this is what we do. We are not attorneys, accountants or students. This is not a hobby or a part time job for us. We are emergency medical professionals. You wouldn’t ask an EMT to fight for you in court or do your taxes. Why would you want an attorney or an accountant treating your medical emergency?
  • Flexibility – Medics on the Ball will work with you at every angle to make sure you are as happy as possible with our services.


Q. How many EMTs or Medics are needed at my event?
  • The number of medics for your event depends on many variables. Type of event, estimated people in attendance, risk factors and location are just few. We will work with you to help you calculate the best medics to guest ratio.


Q. Can't we just call 9-1-1?
  • Even with good cell service, in most counties around Southern California you are calling CHP which has to route your call. Response time averages 7-10 minutes to get EMS on site. Medics On The Ball response time is mere seconds.
  • 911 systems are responsible for an entire community and are generally over taxed, thus response time could be even longer.


Q. We are right across the street (or down the street) from the fire station. Can't we call them?
  • see answer 3 above…you are not generally calling right across the street. Additionally, Firefighters/Paramedics/EMTs don’t always sit in their fire house. Often times they are out assisting someone else.


Q. Why can't we use volunteers? We have parents that are firefighters, police officers, paramedics and doctors

We have been those volunteers you’ve trusted for years. You can trust that we’ve seen not only the challenges faced by organizers when trying to provide medical services at their events, but also the challenges faced by volunteers.

  • Events struggle with making sure that there is appropriate medical equipment on site, not all volunteers will have their own. Organizers struggle to verify license status and address volunteer liability concerns. Do you have the time, resources or background to verify that all your volunteers are properly licensed and insured?
  • What will you do if your volunteer calls out sick at the last minute? How will you find a replacement in time? Medics On The Ball has enough staff to ensure that no matter what, we will be at your event, rain or shine.
  • Volunteers are dressed in street clothes, easily blending into the crowds making it hard for participants, onlookers, event staff and incoming rescue to recognize that there is someone on scene that can help. Medics On The Ball staff are dressed in uniform and look professional at all times. Our uniforms make it obvious who we are and that we are there to help.


Q. Are you saying that volunteers are unreliable?
  • You can rely on them. But doing so assumes that they will show up to every event prepared with all the proper equipment to treat any injury. It also assumes that they are insured to treat patients outside their work environment. Medics On The Ball arrives on scene with all the equipment you would find on an ambulance and all our medics are covered by our own liability insurance.


Q. Why don't you provide an ambulance?
  • Having an ambulance increases our costs, which inherently increase your cost. Based on our experience, it is not cost effective to have an ambulance on site.
  • In our experience a mere 1% of all injuries require emergency transportation. By not having an ambulance on site we save you the cost of paying one to sit there. Should an ambulance become  necessary we will stabilize the patient and call 911. Upon the arrival of rescue units, Medics On The Ball will hand off the patient to the Fire Department, along with all pertinent medical history and detailed documentation of the injury.
  • and finally, if the ambulance has to transport a patient from your event, you have now lost your ambulance and medical staff for the remainder of your event.


Q. There are ambulance companies out there that can provide the same service you do.
  • That is true. Unfortunately, many of those companies do not have the staff to dedicate to your event. Many times that company is stationing their ambulance at your event but if there is a call that requires them they will leave you without medical support. Medics On The Ball staff is solely dedicated to your event. We will be there from before your event starts to after your event ends.


Q. What if I really, really want an ambulance at my event, can you provide one?
  • Medics on the Ball has partnered with one of the most professional ambulance services in the Los Angeles area. If you must have an ambulance at your event we can subcontract with our partner and make sure you have a BLS or ALS ambulance there. Additional costs will apply.

Event Medical Standby

Medics On The Ball is a full-service team of highly-trained medical professionals providing thorough medical care at events across Southern California. From one or two person crews to intricate multi-person teams, we can provide service to any event, large or small.


EMS Professionals

EMS Professionals

Great Price – Great Service

Medics On The Ball offers you an easy, convenient and affordable way to find qualified medical staffing for your next event. In fact, in most cases we can actually save you money. Contact us today for a free quote – we will meet or beat any written estimate for the same services by a qualified company.

It’s a Whole New Ballgame

When you hire Medics On The Ball our experienced team of Emergency Medical Professionals arrive at your event with the following at no additional cost:

  • Two Way Radios
  • AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) *Upon Request
  • Portable Emergency Oxygen
  • All weather sun / rain pop up tent
  • All BLS (Basic Life Support) medical supplies.
  • Recording of all treated injuries on our injury report form, with copies automatically sent to the event coordinator upon event completion.
  • King – Devick©® baseline and post injury concussion testing available (additional cost).
  • ATV or Golf Cart (additional cost may apply)

It’s Not Worth the Risk

Medics On The Ball carries $1,000,000 / $3,000,000 Professional and General liability insurance policies and  $1,000,000 in Workers Compensation insurance. Additionally, all Medics On The Ball staff are carefully screened and must pass a complete criminal background check before being hired. Your safety truly is our first concern. Don’t risk hiring individuals who are not properly trained or don’t have proper insurance coverage.

Easy To See, Easy To Find 

OSHA Safety Vests

The Medics On The Ball team is easy to find in an emergency thanks to our high-visibility uniforms. Participants and spectators alike will have peace of mind knowing an experienced medic is always nearby and easy to spot.

Event Completion Follow Up

Our medics not only arrive with all of the equipment your event requires, but we will also provide you with all copies of patient reports for your insurance provider. You’ll even receive an “after-action” report summarizing all injuries treated during the event. From beginning to end, Let Safety Be OUR Concern!

Contact us today for a free quote!

Job Openings

Medics On The Ball is seeking experienced EMT- Basics and Paramedics to join our professional team serving Los Angeles, Ventura, San Diego and other areas around Southern California.

Current Openings: We are accepting qualified applicants on an as-needed basis for on-call, per diem work. (*Note: This is not an ongoing full or part-time position.)

Pay Rate: Depending on specific skill level and expertise.

Qualifications: Min 2-years expererience in EMS, including Emergency Rooms, Hospitals, Ambulances, etc.

Requirements: All qualified candidates must be willing to submit to the following policies:

  • Provide own BLS equipment/medical supplies necessary to perform job duties (PLUS, but not mandatory)
  • Must pass a 50 question BLS Exam
  • MUST have weekend availability
  • Adhere to all Federal HIPAA Law Standards on Patient Confidentiality
  • No visible tattoos or piercings (ears ok for women)
  • All Certifications/licenses must be current.
  • Must have passed the National Registry exam (EMT)
  • Must have good attention to detail
  • Must have good documentation skills
  • Good Communication skills
  • Must be confident working both with a partner and independently
  • Experience in sports medicine is a PLUS but not mandatory

Interested candidates shall complete application located here and submit professional resume. Submission of resume does not guarantee an interview offer. Please no phone calls.